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We proudly provide FCL and LCL containerized services along with Break Bulk services using our numerous connections with shipping lines/ vessel operators for import/export services from/to UAE ports and also cross trade services to all worldwide origins/destinations.

FCL Sea Freight

we provide FCL sea Freight services for import/export and cross trade shipments from/to UAE using our vast connections with all main liners and reliable NVOCC available, to provide cheapest/fastest and most reliable service to our client. We also use our internationally known and reputed overseas agents to provide international FCL Sea freight services from/to all international origins/destinations.

LCL Sea Freight

We provide the fastest/cheapest and highest quality of LCL Sea Freight services for both domestic and international shipments through our connections with best local and international LCL consolidators in UAE and abroad. We provide LCL sea Freight services for import/export and cross trade shipments.

Break Bulk

We provide break bulk sea services for all import/export and cross trade shipments. We have connections and relationship with break bulk carriers at all UAE ports enabling us to carry variety of products for export and for cross trade shipments from Jebel Ali port. We also have a network of break bulk carriers enabling us to carry international shipments from various countries.

Air Freight

we proudly provide all Air import/export and cross trade Air services using DXB/DWC and international Airports. Our agents available at UAE Airports and a network of agents at overseas Airports enable us to provide all air freight service through most reputable airlines to our clients at best rates and time.


We provide a wide range of logistics services using our partner transport and customs broker companies and Jebel Ali warehouse facilities available to us. We are proud to provide all supportive services for export and cross trade shipments in UAE and a variety of logistics services internationally, using our professional and experienced partners available to us from all over the globe.

Our logistics services consist of

  • Container destuffing/stuffing
  • Container Cross stuffing
  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Cargo packing/repacking and labeling/relabeling
  • Land Transportation
  • Export/Reexport/transshipment customs clearance
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